Hurricane Irma Ready?

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San Juan Animal Hospital is currently accepting boarders until we reach capacity and conducting business as usual until storm conditions dictate otherwise. In the event Jacksonville is severely impacted, we will do our best to ensure the safety and care of all pets in our custody without jeopardizing the safety of our team members. All pet owners should prepare to keep their pets with them throughout this crisis. Check our facebook page for Pet-Disaster Preparedness Tips and updates about business changes (hours, etc).

All pets in our custody must be micro-chipped. For pets who are not already chipped, we can implant microchips during the admission process. To help with the unexpected expense, we have temporarily reduced the price for microchip and registration to $57.50 during the storm. Pets must have all vaccines and a Bordetella for canines as well.


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Pet Records  – San Juan Animal Hospital makes it convenient for clients to view their pets medical records online. If you need your pet’s vaccine records or medication list you can print or view them here. (*must have an email in our records to be able to have this service)…

Download Emergency kit list

Emergency Links


Pet Emergency Shelters &  Hotels
American Red Cross

*** San Juan Animal Hospital will be open regular hours Friday & Saturday and will be closed Monday, Sept 11th and hoping to return Tuesday, Sept 12th. We will keep you updated on our Facebook page so please follow. *****

San Juan Animal Hospital’s doctors & staff pray for everyone to stay safe and don’t forget to check on your neighbors. God Bless


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